Saint Martyrs of the Damned , interview with Robin Aubert

I just watched the movie Saint Martyrs of the Damned by Robin Aubert, very interesting movie. Very David Lynch like, which I like :)

Anyway, here are some great quotes from the interview of Robin Aubert which was on the DVD:

RA: "I'm always separated between bad and good, It's the same in the film. I mean, sometimes I just want to drink and punch people in the face. And after, I just want to go to India and help the young child"... "Everyday I think about this, should I do LSD or should I drink milk?"

The interviewer asks Robin about the part of the movie which he didnt likes so much. And Robin tells that he feels he explains too much at a certain part in the film, while he should have left an explanation out and leave it to the viewer to find out.

RA: ..."But sometimes I think about my mum. I write the film for me, but after that I think about my friends and my mum and she won't understand nothing. So I put some explanation. But even tough the explanation is there, I think she saw the movie five times to understand. Everyday she goes to see it to understand it"
"It's about my family this film, but I didn't want them to know... So I made it really fucked up..."


FRESH TV - GAME OVER the dutch VJ performance very first " production"

Lately I've been working on me and Ramons little project: FRESH TV.

We made a little video to give you a short introduction about what FRESH TV. will be about, 
check it out at here at google vidoe 



tooooo serious

This blog is tooooo serious.


A man and his friend

Took this photo last year while waiting for the bus in the snowy dutch landscape...



praten zonder woorden
kijken zonder zicht

a mask

A mask hangs on the wall
of my apartment.
It's lived there a long time,
much longer than the others, with their
blue-green-gray faces of pulled smiles
and stripped cheeks.
This one has watched the longest.

Endnote Masterclass

I'm surprised by finding people who add references to their written material manually. Don't you know that there is actually software designed to do this? For once and for all I will show you that Endnote is the ultimate bibliography manager you will ever need! (and no I'm not supported by that company, however I should).

1. In Endnote, open the library you want to add references to. Select Tools/connect/connect Now select Pubmed (NLM) (in the pubmed catalogue you will find most articles, duh)

2. In the searchscreen fill in the author (SMITH, J) and year and click search. Ofcourse you can also search on title, keywords, journal name etc.

3. Confirm the remote search and you endnote will download the results. Select the reference you need, and copy it to your library.

4. Voila! The reference has been added to your libary.

To download the article, right click on the reference and select Open URL. You will get directed to the article at pubmed.com. Also a very handy option is the link to PDF option in the same menu. You can link every reference in your library to the PDF file on your harddrive, after you linked th article just select open PDF. In this way you will never have to Endnote again to access your literature, since both finding and opening articles can be done in Endnote!


Wake up!

You can't remember where it was
Had this dream stopped?